FLYBOARD Wellness Tool

- balance in a curve -

A revolutionary training concept that will improve your routine

Flyboard® is a proprioceptive tool in natural wood "Made in Italy", which improves the shape of your body

in a short time, thanks to the integrated and multi-functional combination of exercise in this single instrument.


Created by the master coach Gennaro Setola, founder of BodyFly® holistic discipline, Flyboard® perfectly fits the body weight - up to 250Kg (crash test up to 500Kg!) - and the posture of who use it.

Due to hemispherical shape, Flyboard® allows you to perform exercises without creating overload on the joints.

Has been used successfully in BodyFlyPilates, Yoga and Functional Training.

Flyboard's balance movements allows you to:

  • Reduce feet impact on the floor

  • Minimize the gravity on the spine

  • Improve static/dynamic balance

  • Restore your inner core

  • Explore creativity during the training

  • Bring joy and positivity to your classes

Enjoy your WellBeing

One side of Flyboard®  is covered by eco-leather and the other side by rubber, so it is used without a mat, both on the concave and convex side, to perform a multitude of exercises involving the main muscles groups of the body.


Thanks to its special features, and ease of transport, you can use it in gym clubs, in office, at home or during the holidays.


No maintenance needed, only care and attention during use.

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Meet our Team

A special International Flyboard Team are waiting to meet you!

Gennaro Setola

CEO & Founder

Michael Balleroni

Marketing & Comm.

Loredana Maida

Master Trainer

Orietta Urbinelli

Master Trainer

Loredana Papa

Master Trainer

Elisa Brienza

Master Trainer

  • Are you a Trainer?

    Using FlyBoard® Wellness Tool, you will create one-to-one or group classes to promote the use of flexibility combined to the strengthen, integrating the balance, the stabilization and neuromotor coordination exercises.

  • Are you a Gym/Studio/Company Owner?

    Providing Flyboard classes, your customers will improve their body shape and getting a relax mind during awesome workouts.


    Localize your customers and increase your Business!

Another key feature of the FlyBoard® is the integration of the balance with the training of the muscular flexibility and joint excursion.

In fact, by performing specific exercises you can involve the muscles in depth and achieve an active lengthening.


Finally, using the convex Flyboard side, you can promote "Core" training

that can be urged with Pilates/Yoga exercises and Functional exercises,

useful to stimulate the stabilization of the trunk.


Flyboard is a trade mark and a Patent n. 0001420431





MEXICO - Sports World


ITALY - BodyFly StudioLab

FRANCE - Episod Sports Studios

BELGIUM - Aspria



I tried Flyboard during the "Reunion@MasterCoach" an event dedicated at business and personal growth. I found it an indispensable daily tool to improve inner balance and body-mind connection

Generoso Scotese


A really fantastic tool!

Our customers can not wait to take part in the Flyboard lessons to improve their ability to balance with the pleasure of having lots of fun.

A new way to retain customers

Carol Papas

Owner gym clubs

The special shape of the flyboard allows you to provide beauty and wellness treatments to customers, to improve blood circulation and physical appearance.

Loredana Maida

Beauty Manager



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